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Flat renovation


The battery house a ltd. was formed in 2002. year, because of a depot and profile extension Pannon-Fab changed into a ltd. in 2010.

Constant entrepreneurial guard belonging to our companion condensed the Pannon-Fabrikátor into an interior decoration group of the executor. The common efficiency and the treatment of the co-ordination are the interests of which.

Our company's capital profile building maintenance works and reconditional building renovation, complete construction works.
2 pieces of installed service car, professional tools, computerised data processing help in the professional, fast supply of the tasks.

The Pannon-Fabrikátor a group's leadership considers the qualitative working, the industrial safety and environment protection a fundamental requirement, it is necessary to this workplace conditions created it, develops it concerned continuously.

Because of orders  we make the undermentioned activities in a more considerable quantity:
  • Furniture and other business office flat the production of fixtures
  • Other joiner works
  • Plasterboard mending
  • Building engineering (water gas heating climate mending)
  • Electric installation
  • Stoneworks
  • Cold and warm wrapping
  • Painting painting, wallpapering (big food industry painting with a hygiene requirement)
  • Reconditional implementation
National we have a maintenance, correction contract existing since years with firms.

We prove that our clients' confidence thrown into us is not futile with our fast, accurate, reliable and demanding work, they may count on our vocational knowledge and our all-time help on long distance.