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Flat renovation
flat renovation office, business transformation reconditional implementation

Pannon Fabrikator - Flat real estate service

If you are in what he lives in connection with the real estate works, let him not be technical and the problem of design?

Would in what he spends most time like to feel well in the real estate?

Let the business be, you are an office possibly his home.

The forming of the design and the technical solutions may entrust his fruition to us because of the beginnings already, but let him not take trouble over the existing one if something got ruined.
Let it be electric installation,

    • Building engineering,

    • Mason works,

    • Cold and warm wrapping,

    • Painting,

    • Plasterboard mending,

    • The production of unique furnitures,

    • Other joiner works,

    • New development transformation and maintenance reconditional implementation

Let the problem not be a trouble for you, but for us task!

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